Once my daughter came earth side, people shifted their attention to the newest addition so did I - so much so I dismissed my own fatigue, neglected to take care of myself in the process because my tiny human was the priority. As a new mother, I was struck by the energy it takes to be able to navigate all the demands of my life and by the guilty feels that seem to rise up once you become a mum. I found the same was true for many of my like-minded friends who had become mothers.

Let’s be honest, to have the energy to take care of others at the capacity that we mothers do, we need to take time out to look after ourselves physically and mentally. We know it but making it happen can be difficult. To strike the balance between being an amazing mum and simply be, I decided to create gift boxes that would help remind mothers to fill their cup.

Mum O'Clock can’t get rid of your engorged boobs, the various sleepless nights but we can help make you feel special and put back the emphasis on you. Mum O’Clock’s mission is to help mothers carve out time for themselves.

Each month, you receive a stylish curated, themed box filled with home decor, fashion accessories, beauty, food, drink and wellness items from women-owned and cause driven brands.




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